Conference Support Services


Featuring complete details regarding the event. We also utilize our internal and external SUNY contacts to advertise your event via email, list serves and the SUNY Learning Commons. We will also include your event link on our website and online calendar.


We can help you manage all parts of your event, including proposal review, data collection, report generation and scoring.


Our robust system monitors registrations, provides up-to-date reports and invoices participants. Registrants can view their personal agenda and manage their registration completely online.


Conference literature can be created using our registration database. We can provide name badges, registration lists, certificates, and sign-in sheets.


The SUNY CPD, partnering with other SUNY-wide organizations, coordinates conferences and events to foster collaboration and information sharing within and across the many disciplines of the SUNY system. These include conferences and events sponsored all or in part by the SUNY CPD, as well as other SUNY conferences.

Conference on Instructional Technologies (CIT), partnering with the Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching & Technology (FACT2), the Office of the Provost, the University Faculty Senate, and the Faculty Council of Community Colleges, this is SUNY’s largest, most prominent event on instructional technology in education. 

CIT, which began in 1992, provides a dynamic opportunity to share best practices and innovations in the use of technology to enhance teaching, learning and research. The conference is held annually in late May and is hosted by a different SUNY campus each year. Attendees include faculty, professionals, technologists, librarians and administrators from SUNY’s 64 campuses, as well as other colleges and universities outside the SUNY system. 

The SUNY Online Summit, is an annual SUNY-wide conference specifically for SUNY Online fellows in the experienced, expert, exemplar, and innovator/researcher roles. The first Summit was held in 1998 as an annual face to face meeting of the SUNY Online faculty development and instructional design team and the online campus based SUNY instructional designers whose campuses participated in the SUNY Online program. Today, the Summit has evolved as a conference intended for all SUNY Online advanced practitioners with expertise in online program administration, online faculty development/instructional design, online instruction, and online support.

SUNY FACT² Symposium (Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching & Technology) is an annual one-day event on topics of special importance to the enhancement of education through the use of technology. FACT² welcomes its audience and offers participants the opportunity to work together to see their ideals for excellence in accessible education become realities.

Wizard Conferences are sponsored by ITEC and are geared toward the technical community in SUNY to address specific technology-related issues that are of importance to SUNY campuses. The attendees are from throughout SUNY and include IT Professionals from campus CIO’s to DBA’s to Technical Assistants. 

For more information on CPD-sponsored Conferences and Events, contact Nancy Motondo, Conferences & Events Manager, at or (315) 214-2421.