Our Community

CPD activities facilitate community building, collaboration and networking across the system to leverage SUNY expertise and resources for the benefit of the system. Through alliances and strategic partnerships the CPD innovates to deliver cost-effective programs and services in a variety of formats to meet SUNY needs.

Key Target Audiences:

  • Campus leadership and administration
  • Faculty and instructional support staff
  • Technical staff

SUNY Partners:

  • SUNY Online
  • Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching and Technology (FACT2)
  • Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC)
  • Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)
  • Student Information & Campus Administrative Systems (SICAS)
  • Office of Information Technology (OIT)
  • SUNY Council on Assessment (SCOA)
  • SUNY Research Foundation (RF)
  • SUNY OER Services (SOS)
  • SUNY Academic and Innovative Leadership (SAIL)

Our Vendor Partners

  • Microsoft
  • New Horizons – world’s largest IT training company. Learn more…
  • Oracle – training for all Oracle products as well as Hyperion, Linux and Sun products.

Our SUNY & NYS Agency Partnerships: The CPD provides the SUNY system with support services that range from program management and registration, training coordination, conference and event planning, and marketing.