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SUNY Learning Commons

In 2012 The SUNY Learning Commons was launched with a vision of facilitating cross-campus collaboration and communication and bringing together Communities of Practice across the SUNY System.  As needed functionality, technology and “community platforms” evolved, the SUNY Learning Commons has undergone exponential growth and change.

In Fall 2021, we announced yet another transition for the Learning Commons platform, and on April 1st, we transitioned from Meta Workplace to Microsoft Viva Engage/Yammer Communities. If you would like to learn how MS Viva Engage can help your community or Community of Practice connect, please visit the Microsoft support page for Viva Engage.

Currently the SUNY Learning Commons on Viva Engage has 28 communities on the platform and continues to grow. Those that are interested in joining and engaging with your peers, you can view the different communities that are available to join and how to go about joining them at the following Google doc. If you are interested in creating a community or Community of Practice that is hosted on the platform, please connect with Kris Lynch using the information below.

Groups can be public (open) or private (requests to join must be approved).   Check out all of the groups here! 

The SUNY Learning Commons is accessed via the web at the following link. Please use your campus federated credentials (campus email and associated password) to log into the tool.

If you are looking for training on Microsoft Viva Engage/Yammer or have any questions, please connect with Kris Lynch, Technical Program Manager at 315-214-2428 or