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About Us

The SUNY Center for Professional Development (SUNY CPD) is a cooperative, voluntary organization funded by its members and the State University of New York system. As part of the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Success, the SUNY CPD creates and delivers customized programs for skill and knowledge development in various learning areas. 

Through its diverse programs and services, the SUNY CPD promotes cost savings on a system-wide basis, provides centralized, regional, and local training opportunities, and creates opportunities among campuses for instructional development initiatives. 

The CPD provides a full complement of professional development programs, training and services to key target audiences on its member campuses and across the SUNY community.

CPD utilizes the digital badging platform Credly to recognize the achievements of those who complete our programs. Digital badges can easily be made public through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other online platform. The ease of sharing badges with peers is the primary reason to utilize digital badges rather than paper certificates. Digital badges clearly list the competencies learned in the program, how the badge was earned, as well as any evidence submitted by the earner needed for the badge.  View our badges here!

Fast Facts: 

The SUNY CPD was established in 1989 as the SUNY Training Center as a central resource for technical training and support of campus-based and University-wide technology-related activities and services. In 1990, the SUNY Training Center teamed up with SUNY FACT (Faculty Access to Computing Technology) to create technology training and development opportunities for SUNY’s academic community. 


  • 125+ programs hosted
  • 7,000 + registrations processed
  • Over 40 general meetings hosted
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CPD Releases Annual Report

We’re excited to share with you our 2021-22 annual report, showcasing the impact our team has had on SUNY. This document highlights the activities that have driven our pursuit of innovation since 1989 and the SUNY partners that we support.