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SUNY Workplace Platform

A reminder to current users that we are transitioning to another platform after March 31, 2022. Please contact for more information.

Workplace is a secure, private version of Facebook for the entire SUNY System. The Workplace platform allows you to communicate on three levels: personal, collegial and cross-campus. This tool helps us to streamline system-wide communication, reduce redundancies and expand communities of practice through collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Individuals can also use Workplace to connect and communicate with one another across the system in an effort to further their work and professional development.


  • Creation of groups for campuses and departments as well as communities of practice
  • A secure work chat feature
  • Integrations with products such as Zoom, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive,DropBoxand others
  • Ability to share live feeds and stream webinars to a wider audience
  • SUNY Federated Single Sign-on for ease of use and security
  • Access via mobile applications for both Workplace and Work Chat
  • A polling feature for quick information gathering
  • Guest access for educational partners and vendors


  • Form and join communities of interest and communities of practice
  • Connect with other learners and educators throughout the System
  • Share and access scholarly materials, resources, standards, policies, and best practices
  • Operate collaborative tools that empower faculty/staff to work together actively at a distance
  • Experiment with new communication methods to enhance collaboration throughout the System
  • Seek information on new initiatives and find colleagues with a shared interest

The Workplace platform is host to a variety of communities of practices and work groups across SUNY. To join using your SUNY credentials please visit