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Membership in the CPD

The CPD is a voluntary organization funded by its members and the SUNY system. Each year the CPD conducts, hosts, facilitates or supports hundreds of classes, meetings and conferences for its member campuses. Membership in the CPD is campus-based and entitles all faculty and staff from a given campus to the benefits of membership for those events.

An annual membership fee is based on the number of faculty and staff (including part-time and full-time) at the institution. Annual membership fees range from $1,500 to $5,000.

While participation in CPD events is not limited to CPD member campuses, our members enjoy the following benefits:

Membership Benefits

Training and professional development opportunities are available for faculty and staff in all areas of the CPD.

Training Points: Seventy-five percent of the campus' annual membership fee is allocated to training points. Training points can be used to pay tuition, registration, and other fees associated with participation in programs and services offered by the CPD.

Training Points are Dollars:  1 Training Point = $1.00

Flexibility in Training: The CPD uses many delivery methods for its programs and services. Many of these methods are combined into a blended learning approach.

Contracts & Discounts: Members receive discounted pricing for programs and services. Pricing is typically at "Member" and "Non-Member" rates.

The CPD aggressively seeks attractive pricing for training and professional development classes to help its members meet their needs as cost-effectively as possible.

The CPD will assist members of the SUNY community by researching, locating and coordinating desired classes either for individual training or as dedicated group classes and in any delivery mode or location.

Terms of Membership

Membership in the CPD is activated for your campus upon receipt of a signed membership application form. Points are allocated upon activation of your campus membership.

Points expire at the end of the same fiscal year they were issued and cannot be carried over.

Membership renews and points are re-issued on July 1 and run through June 30. Membership remains active until a written request to withdraw is received. Any campus wishing to withdraw must give 12 months written notice.

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