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Wizard Conference Presenters

Fall 2007 Wizard Conference

November 5-7, 2007
DoubleTree Hotel
6301 Route 298
East Syracuse, NY
(315) 432-0200

Featured Presentations By:

Marti Harris, Gartner Group

Image of Marti Harris

Marti Harris is a research director in Gartner Research, where her research area is higher-education technology strategies including administrative and academic systems, learning technologies, distributed learning, e-learning and library systems.

Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Harris had 20 years of experience in higher education, which included teaching in the areas of database analysis and design, system design and management of information technology. She taught both in computing and in business management departments. Administrative roles included the design and management of learning media labs.

Ms. Harris is a professional librarian and was director of university libraries before moving to the computing teaching faculty. Working with college and university clients to find ways to improve the learning, teaching and research experience on their campuses is the best part of my job. Wrapping innovation in economy and bringing about individually applied solutions based on best practices in higher education never gets dull. And knowing that the “next big thing” may one day come from the research completed at one of these institutions makes every technology decision potentially huge. Gartner can help and I like that.

Ms. Harris will present the following topics:

  • IT Leadership and the Role of the CIO
  • Virtual Environments: Expading Higher Education Learning into 3-D

Dave Molta, Assistant Professor of Information Studies, Syracuse University

Image of Dave Molta

As Assistant Professor of Information Studies at Syracuse University, Dave Molta teaches classes on information technology and information systems, drawing on over 15 years of experience in managing computer and network systems. Molta also holds two other positions, the first as Senior Technology Editor with Network Computing magazine, and the second as Director of Syracuse University's Center for Emerging Network Technologies (CENT).

Molta co-founded the Network Computing Real World testing laboratory at Syracuse University. Having been a contributor to Network Computing magazine since its second year of publication in 1991, he worked closely with the magazine's management to expand the magazine's presence on campus, coordinating various activities and recruiting students and other IT professionals to work on editorial projects. In 1998, Molta began writing a monthly column for the magazine and in 1999, he accepted the position of Editor, establishing editorial direction and managing many editorial processes. He also served for a brief period as Editor-in-Chief until 2001, when he returned to teaching full-time. Molta continues to serve as a Senior Technology Editor.

In 2000, Molta established the Center for Emerging Network Technologies (CENT) at Syracuse University and currently serves as the Center's Director. CENT's mission is to perform hands-on testing and provide industry analysis of products and services in emerging technology markets. A key area of focus currently resides in the mobile and wireless communication market, including wireless personal area, local area, metropolitan area and wide area products and services.


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