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Our Grant Writing Workshop offerings are currently being re-evaluated. No offerings are available at this time. If you would like to be notified of future offerings, please

Following is a description of our previous Introductory workshop:

Grant Writing Techniques

The SUNY CPD Grant Writing Techniques workshops are typically two days and cover the topics in the description below. We would be happy to tailor a workshop to your needs.


Dr. Daniel J. McCormack from Binghamton University presents this workshop. Dr. McCormack has been successfully writing grants for over 30 years. He currently teaches graduate courses in grant writing at Binghamton University and presents grant writing seminars and workshops on and off campus. He has written grants for the New York State Education Department; for colleges, universities, school districts, local governments; and various human services agencies.


Prerequisite Knowledge

No prior experience or skills relevant to the grant writing process are needed.

Fees & Registration

Registration is Online. CPD Member Campuses may use their CPD training points to pay for this workshop!

Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • What do we want to accomplish in these two days
  • General thoughts/comments about grant writing - Handout 1
  • What does a grant proposal look like: General thoughts about what goes into most grant applications
    • Handout 1: Outline of common grants
    • Handout 2: Outline for General Research Grants
  • Overview of the grant seeking process/ There is more to it than just writing the grant application - Handout 2
  • Why will a funding source give us money/ It almost always starts with a problem
  • What types of funding can you go after/ What ideas/projects are you working on or thinking about
  • Grant writing is about answering questions
    • Handout 3a: General questions you will have to address/think about when writing a grant application
    • Handout 3b: How will your grant application be evaluated
  • Where do we start from/What is our current situation: Establishing our Need/Problem/Opportunity Statement or Background/Significant Statement
    • Handout 4a: Creating a Needs/Problem Statement
    • Handout 4b: Background Information/Review of the Relevant Literature
  • What is the purpose of your grant/How will you focus your grant/What do you hope to accomplis/How will you measure success: Goals and Objectives and/or Research Objectives, Research Aims, or Research Questions
    • Handout 5a: General thoughts about how to focus your grants
    • Handout 5b: Development of Goals and Objectives
  • Why is Your Proposed Project Important/Significant
    • Handout 5c: Thoughts about how to address the Significance question
    • Discussion: How can you demonstrate that your proposed project is important/significant
  • Why are you and/or your organization/institution competitive
    • Handout 5d: Preliminary Studies/Previous Experience
    • Handout 5e: What does your organization/institution bring to the table
  • How will you run your grant/conduct project activities: Plan of Operation/Methods/Action Steps
    • Handout 6: Project Activities Grid Sheet
    • Handout 6a: Information Funding Sources generally want in your Plan of Operation and/or Management Plan
    • Handout 6b: Research Activities Grid Sheet
    • Handout 6c: Information funding sources generally want in the Methods Section of a Research grant
Start of Day 2 - AM Session: the computer lab will be used for this portion of the workshop.
  • Funding Sources: How/Where can we locate funding sources
    • Handout 7: General thoughts/discussion about where to locate funding sources to address individual needs/interests/issues
  • How will you know if you are successful: Developing evaluation sections for grant projects/Developing data collection/analysis sections for research grants
    • Handout 8a: Questions that need to be asked/answered when developing an evaluation plan for grant proposals
    • Handout 8b: Guide to Use When Developing an Evaluation Plan for grant proposals
    • Handout 8c: Questions that need to be addressed when developing a data collection/analysis plan for research grants
    • Handout 8d: Guide to use when developing a data/collection/analysis plan for research projects
  • Budgets/Matching Costs
    • Handout 9: What should you keep in mind when developing your budget
    • Handout 9a: Budget Chart – Personnel and Other Resources
    • Discussion - individual budgets and matching cost
  • Additional Components of Grant Proposals
    • Handout 10: Title/Cover Sheet/Appendices/Other Attachments/Other Components
    • Handout 10a: Developing an Abstract/Executive Summary
  • Other Topics on Grant Writing
    • Handout 11: How can I increase my chances for funding/What to look for when reading your last draft
    • Handout 11a: Qualifications of key personnel/biographical sketches
  • The writing process
  • Review of what we covered
    • Handout 12: Overview of Grant Proposal Development
  • How can you make the grant application more competitive and avoid common mistakes/being proactive – instead of reactive
  • What is the next step
  • Additional Handouts: used during Computer Lab session
    • Useful National Institutes of Health (NIH) Websites: Handout 7a
    • Useful National Science Foundation
    • Useful US Department of Education Websites: Handout 7c
    • Other handouts to be used in the Computer Lab

Last Update - 12/28/11