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SUNY Center for Professional Development Web Conferencing Services

Elluminate Consultation Services 

Elluminate Training Services

Event Hosting

End-to-end online event creation, implementation, and support. CPD will create a meeting space / classroom, load content, provide participant instructions and email notifications, train presenters, moderate the event, and provide first level online technical support.   Record, archive, and deliver the event to you in an agreed upon format.

Planning and conducting Elluminate Events

CPD will help you design, organize content, and add interactivity to your online workshop, webinar, or meeting.   Web conferencing best practices are customized to reach your particular goals and communicate most effectively with participants. CPD will work with the Subject Matter Expert(s) to design, organize, and script content and activities before you go live.  The CPD can also create an event Plan, using the Elluminate PLAN tool to organize, script, and package your content and activities before your live session. The CPD will automate tasks so that the moderator can focus on facilitating real-time interaction. The CPD will deliver a PLAN for your online session that allows the Presenter to move and advance through the content and activities with the simple click of a button.


Online Assistant

CPD will act as online support for the meeting, webinar, or presentation. The meeting facilitator or presenter will concentrate on delivering content, while CPD staff creates actions, movement, and provides support of participants. Includes items such as:

  • Elluminate Live Classroom Moderators
  • Provide first level technical support for participants
  •  Activating the recording button
  • Help facilitate questions, clear polls
  • Create movement with whiteboard tools
  • Push out content and files out to participants
  • Launch web tours
  • Adds pertinent information to chat area
  • Facilitates the question/answer process


Elluminate Event Registration

Do you need to know who is coming to your online event, presentation, meeting before you run it?   CPD can create an online registration form for your event in order to keep track of participant information. We will send out event confirmations and detailed information about how to access the Elluminate session, system requirements, participant training video and documentation, and where to go for technical assistance.  An event specific website will be created for your online event.

Costs will vary depending upon size of event and level of services required. Please contact the CPD for consultation and quote at (315) 214-2440 or via email at

Elluminate Training

We recommend that all SUNY Named Moderators take the moderator training offered by Elluminate.  To register see link below.


1.  Elluminate Online Moderator Training (Live Online Webinars or Recorded Trainings)

 Getting Started with Elluminate Live! for Moderators

 This 60-minute class is designed for anyone new to Elluminate who wants to learn how to facilitate an online class or meeting. The class will teach moderators classroom management skills, methods for establishing social presence, classroom capture and basic content management. After completing this class, you should attend the Next Steps with Elluminate Live! for Moderators.

  •  Next Steps with Elluminate Live! for Moderators

This 60-minute class is the second class in the moderator training series. Participants must take the Getting Started class first. In this class, more advanced classroom and content management skills will be taught. Additionally, classroom collaboration tools such as Application Sharing will be taught.

 Available at:


 2.  Creating your classroom in the AST Elluminate Live Manager (ELM) (Online Tutorial)

The CPD has created a tutorial entitled “How to create a session in the SUNY AST Elluminate Live Manager.�

This tutorial will show you how to create a session with specific ELM Elements and includes best practices throughout. It is customized to the unique environment of SUNY AST.

This tutorial enables new SUNY Named Moderators to:

  • Understand session identifiers and the naming conventions
  • Learn how the start & end dates/times affect your session
  • Determine when a session goes on the AST public calendar and how you can restrict your sessions to only certain participants
  • Learn about session attributes and decide when you would want to change the default settings for a session

Available at: How to Create a session - Direct Link: 

Create Session(s) at:


3.  How to Effectively Conduct Your Online Event: Best Practices in using Elluminate Live! (Online Webinar)

How to design, conduct, and manage your online event to effectively communicate and engage participants.

Available at:

Recording will play within Elluminate 

4.  How to change your Elluminate Live Manager Password for SUNY Named Moderators (Online Tutorial)

In this tutorial you will be taken from the ELM(Elluminate Live Manager) page to the Oracle Identity Management Self-Service Console and shown how to update your password and create/update your password hint question.

Available at:  How to Change ELM Password - Direct Link -


Additional Optional Training


1.  Using Elluminate PLAN (Online Webinar)

This training will provide detailed information on how to use the Elluminate PLAN product to help you organize, script, and package your content and activities before your live session.

Available at:


 2.  Elluminate Certified Moderator Training (Online Webinar Series)

For K-12, higher ed, and corporate users who want more proficiency and certification using Elluminate, the Moderator Certification Program helps session leaders get the skills and knowledge needed to create a learner-centric virtual classroom to increase participant achievement. Demonstrate a superior command of Elluminate Live! and earn one academic or continuing education credit

Available at:


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